Samples of my artwork are just that....samples.

I prefer to have patrons design their own pieces.

Your ideas are what I work from.

It is always fun to create glass in the likeness of a living creature. 

Having horses, they are one of the favorites. 

This Appaloosa named Patchy is sire to all 5 of our babies. 3 boys and 2 girls..

sadly, we lost him in 2015, at 10 years old due to heart valve issues. I made

several panels of him and now have horsehair memories too.

Commissioned Portrait of a Tennessee Walker--Dancer
Portrait of Misty-Arabian Mare

GHOSTDANCER was "terror of the barnyard" at first but now he is a treasure.  His Grandfather was also a Leopard Appaloosa.  His mother "Misty" is still a terror.

Indian Ponies running
Junket with 3D sails




This boat has slumped sails that stand

out 4 inches, just like they are

full of wind.

This is a "one-of-a-kind" headboard I did for a client.  I have done cabinet doors for cabinetmakers before but never a headboard.  It is made with a bevel border and is just lovely.

Glen deals in new and used western tack.  Let us know what you need or just come and select from our showroom.  We have done shows all over Ky, Tn, Miss, and some special shows in Ft Worth and Tulsa. Now, we are in  our showroom, open by appointment .

We have several tack suppliers as well as Amish leather craftsmen .  We offer Name brand ,saddles, bridles, breastcollars, pulling collars, tripping collars, Britchen, reins, saddlebags, hornbags, gunbelts, holsters, scabbards, spurs and leathers, saddlestands (iron base or full solid wood), shelves, bookcases, bridle racks, spur holders and many other items.  We enjoy custom work too!  Let us know what you need!








Glen is making handsome

shelves and gun racks

with western

brackets & conchos.

All sizes! All woods!

Also, metal bit & spur stands




        SHOW-OFF YOUR                           SADDLES!  

  I am glad to showcase


         WESTERN WOOD 


            METAL ART

  Check out these custom

  made horseman's dream. 

  Roll them right up to your

  horse. Prevent damage to

   your expensive saddles,

  breaststraps and bridles. 

  And now, custom solid

  wood shelves with cast

    iron braces, metal bit

   and spur stands too. 

  Solid wood construction,

  assembled with screws

   & roofing truss brackets

    for extra strength. 

      Clearcoated for

   weather resistance.



What's New?  We are in our shop on the farm longer on the road.  Come sit a spell and shop.

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