My husband, Glen has several hobbies.  One of those is woodworking.   Being a lifelong horseman, he designed a unique item.   He is producing wooden saddlestands, on wheels, with a shelf for tack,  and cast iron horsehead to hold the bridle.  The wood slats curve, as a saddle does, to ventilate & protect the structure of expensive saddles.  Most have a cast iron star and various styles of decorations, too. Choose the type, wood and style you want.  This one is painted white with hot purple trim.  Wheel your saddle anywhere you want!  They start at $300

Cedar, Cherry, Walnut, Poplar, Pine & Hickory, are available
Custom Shelf

NO, the metal horsemen, racoon & antlers are not in our offerings YET.

With items displayed on shelves, you never have to hunt for the right one.

These shelves show girths, straps & bridles, with bits on shelf pins above. 

Stirrups are on the shelf.




See how easy it is to


protect your tack with


custom built shelves


and stands.


WOW what a


Glen deals in new and used western tack.  Let us know what you need or just come and select from our showroom.  We have done shows all over Ky, Tn, Miss, and some special shows in Ft Worth and Tulsa. Now, we are in  our showroom, open by appointment .

We have several tack suppliers as well as Amish leather craftsmen .  We offer Name brand ,saddles, bridles, breastcollars, pulling collars, tripping collars, Britchen, reins, saddlebags, hornbags, gunbelts, holsters, scabbards, spurs and leathers, saddlestands (iron base or full solid wood), shelves, bookcases, bridle racks, spur holders and many other items.  We enjoy custom work too!  Let us know what you need!








Glen is making handsome

shelves and gun racks

with western

brackets & conchos.

All sizes! All woods!

Also, metal bit & spur stands




        SHOW-OFF YOUR                           SADDLES!  

  I am glad to showcase


         WESTERN WOOD 


            METAL ART

  Check out these custom

  made horseman's dream. 

  Roll them right up to your

  horse. Prevent damage to

   your expensive saddles,

  breaststraps and bridles. 

  And now, custom solid

  wood shelves with cast

    iron braces, metal bit

   and spur stands too. 

  Solid wood construction,

  assembled with screws

   & roofing truss brackets

    for extra strength. 

      Clearcoated for

   weather resistance.



What's New?  We are in our shop on the farm longer on the road.  Come sit a spell and shop.

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